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Weizel presently serves 1,755 correctional and prison facilities in North America 2006 Incarceration Facts

U.S.A: 2.2 Million inmates in approx. 7,000 facilities.

Canada: 38,000 inmates in approx. 450 facilities

Weizel presently serves 2,454 hospitals in North America


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Norton Door ControlsToday's modern Norton door control began with Lewis C. Norton, the inventor of the first American door closer. Norton refined the rack-and-pinion closer, and the concept of a valve controlled backcheck for hydraulic closers. The company he founded in 1880 went on to introduce a variety of other innovations, including the aluminum alloy body and the narrow style, non-handed closer.

One of the most significant of these innovations was the Unitrol door control concept, a combination of door closers, shock absorber, positive stop and hold-open mechanism. The Norton philosophy has been-and continues to be-one of constant improvement..... of quality products.

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NORTON 1600 Series door closers provide narrow styling and installation versatility. They have clean, distinct lines that blend well with aluminum doors and frames. Yet they make an attractive installation on wood or metal doors.

1600 series
1600 Series Door Closers

NORTON 1700 Series Interior Door Closers is a narrow-style door closer. Its compact design is intended for installation on interior doors. It offers an economical option for those doors in a building complex where a heavy duty, more sophisticated closer is not warranted.
1700 series
1700 Series Interior Door Closers

NORTON 7500 Series door closers are normal power range closers and are adjustable ina 2 thru 6 size range.These closers can be installed and adjusted to conform to the closing power requirements of conventionally sized closers.
7500 series
7500 Series Door Closers

NORTON 8000 Series door closers have been designed to offer a wide choice of application flexibility. They are available as : A Basic Feature Closer Series and A Full Feature Closer Series. Both can be ordered without a cover, with a Slim Style cover or with a full cover.
8000 Series
8000 Series Door Closers

NORTON 9300 Series door closer is a durable, economically priced door closer designed for commercial exterior and interior doors such as store front and industrial applications.
9300 Series
9300 Series Door Closer

NORTON 78-B/F Series Traditional surface closers represent a combination of traditional styling and modern closer features. All closer sizes are contained within a single size aluminum alloy shell.
78-B/F Series
78-B/F Traditional Surface Closers

NORTON High Security Door Controls Series integrates into a single unit a commercial grade door closer, a shock absorber and an auxiliary heavy duty overhead door stop with or without an optional overhead door holder.
High Security Door Controls
High Security Door Controls

NORTON 7900 Series concealed closer are concealed in the transom of the door frame. The slide track and hold open mechanism are concealed in the top rail of the door.With the door closed, the unit is tamper proof because the closer, arm and slide track are fully concealed.
7900 Series
7900 Series Overhead Concealed Closer

NORTON 7200 Series Electromechanical Closer-Holders combine the functions of an electromechanical door holder with oneof our finest door controls, the series 7700 door closer. The 7200 features a choice of two types of hold-open functions: Infinite Hold-Open (I suffix) and Selective Hold-Open (S Suffix).
7200 Series
7200 Series Electromechanical Closer-Holder Releasing Device

NORTON 7700 Series Power Track Closer-Holders combine the functions of a single point electromechanical door holder with the proven reliability of a 7700 series or 8000 series door closer. The track assembly contains an arm slide and solenoid operated hold-open mechanism and is available with or without an integral smoke detector.
7700 Series
7700 Series Power Track Closer-Holders

NORTON 6600 Series Powermatic Door Controls meet the needs for barrier-free door control.The 6600 series door controls are available in the following functions: -"Pas" suffix - Power Assist function
-"Por" suffix - Power Operator function
6600 Series
6600 Series Powermatic Door Controls

To receive an accurate price quote, please specify the number of closers needed and any other options that apply. Thank you for your interest in our Norton door controls.

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1600 Series 1700 Series
7500 Series 8000 Series
9300 Series Door Closers 78-B/F Series Traditional surface closers
High Security Door Controls 7900 Series
7200 Series 7700 Series
6600 Series  

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